This session took place at SATELLITE 2018 on Wednesday, March 14, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

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Description: Unlike 4G and LTE standards that were driven by consumer demand for mobile streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the vision for 5G seems to be much more proactive, in that it is a standard that prepares the telecommunications industry itself for the future ecosystem of connected networks. 5G is more of an enabler of future applications rather than the fuel for current technologies. Opinions about when 5G becomes a reality vary significantly between different players in the telecommunications market. That includes the satellite sector, which also has mixed views about what kind of role satellite plays in the 5G ecosystem and whether or not it should give up its bandwidth resources to speed up the launch of services. This panel will tackle those issues head on and address the satellite industry’s key points of contention (as well as identify areas of agreement) concerning it’s 5G destiny.

Carissa Christensen, Chief Executive Officer, Bryce Space and Technology

Andrew Jordan, CEO, Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat)
Jim Simpson, CEO, Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS)
Amit Somani, Chief Strategy Officer, Yahsat
Patompob (Nile) Suwansiri, Chief Commercial Officer, Thaicom Public Company Limited