Rockville, MD – Thursday, June 13, 2019 – DC5G is pleased to share the 2019 conference program, crafted by an Advisory Board comprised of private and public sector professionals, and designed to give attendees clear directive they can take to build an action plan to adopt and/or enable 5G. DC5G will take place November 4-5, 2019 at The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City in Arlington, Virginia.

The conference agenda will walk attendees through the strategic questions they’ll need to answer in order to build a custom 5G Action Plan for their organization. Topics include:

• Constructing the Business Case: How Will We Use 5G?
• 5G Case Studies: Public Health & Safety
• Who’s Paying for 5G Infrastructure? Alternative Funding Mechanisms
• Are Smart Buildings Smart Investments?
• 5G Case Studies: Traffic, Mass Transit and Fleet Management
• Finding Your First Partner: Who is Building & Supplying Your Network?

Leading the discussions will be 5G experts from municipalities, carriers, legal firms, financial companies, consultants, and more. Speakers from Sprint, Kilroy Realty, T-Mobile, 3GPP, and 5G Americas have already been confirmed, and will lead the audience through various approaches others have taken and the resulting successes and setbacks, providing insight attendees can use to shape their organization’s short and long-term 5G goals.

“We worked with companies in the thick of 5G to develop a program that will help anyone, whether they are beginning to implement a 5G strategy or don’t even know where to start, put a plan to paper and take the first step in realizing that plan,” said Jeffrey Hill, Chair of DC5G. “DC5G will help attendees identify which strategic partners fit their organization or agency’s mission, and nurture relationships with those partners.”

DC5G puts the providers and the customers in the same room allowing for holistic and productive conversations. With executives from telecommunications, infrastructure, finance, consulting, local, state, and federal government, and commercial enterprise markets all involved in the discussion, DC5G creates an environment for facilitating the connections and building the partnerships needed to navigate the 5G landscape.

All registrants will receive resources including case studies, market overviews, white papers and more that will prepare them with a foundation of knowledge before they arrive at DC5G. These resources provide attendees a level of comprehension in order to take part in the conversations in the context of their particular 5G situation.

DC5G will be held November 4-5, 2019 at The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City in Arlington, VA at 1250 South Hayes Street, Arlington, VA 22202.

Those interested can learn more and register at
Limited spots are available for members of the press – click here to apply.

About DC5G
DC5G is where business and leadership merge with technology and strategy. This two-day business leadership conference will cut through the noise surrounding 5G and drive conversations centered on action. Designed for C-suite and senior executives responsible for keeping their company competitive in today’s global economy, delegates will dive into case studies, explore public-private partnership strategies, and hear success stories from use cases on the cutting edge of 5G that will help build long-term tactical plans to harness 5G technology for positive and profitable growth. DC5G is a problem-solving show that will give attendees clear actions they can take to build, adopt and/or enable 5G. | @DC5G_ | #DC5G